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Astro Spark is the ideal beginner’s professional software for Windows. It is quick and easy to use with state of the art chart calculations and easy-to-read natal chart interpretations. Professionals are also likely to enjoy the simplicity of Astro Spark. You can use this nifty software to begin your exploration into astrology or you can keep Astro Spark running in the background of your computer, and you’ll have instant access to astrology no matter what you’re doing. With one click of the mouse, you’ll get a highly readable chart wheel showing the planets’ current places as seen from your location. Click the buttons at the right of the wheel, and you can do lots more, including creating your own natal charts...

Features include:

What’s New

The latest version of Astro Spark also has some great new chart management features including the ability to:

Software Requirements

Hardware Requirements

Price: $55

Astro Spark is available only as a download (** downloaded programs are not refundable **).

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For more info or to order by phone call:
1-800-THE-NOVA (1-800-843-6682)